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The main theme of Plato's allegory of the cave is that we humans tend not to understand the true reality of our world. We think that we understand what we are looking at and sensing in our world, but we really just perceive shadows of the true forms of the things that make up the world. In the allegory of the cave, prisoners
Free Essay: The people must teach the others of the reality outside of the cave, outside of the slaves' reality. These are the philosophers. The capacity to...
reveals a deeper reality about the human condition, as presented in the Allegory of the Cave. As such, it provides a unique and valuable means by which to understand the significance of reason and action in our lives. Thesis Keywords/Names: Julia Annas, anti-mouthpiece interpretation, dialectic, dialogue form, human
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A quote from “The Allegory of the Cave” that would help support our thesis is, “'and if,' I said, 'someone dragged him away from there by force along the rough, steep, upward way and didn't let him go before he had dragged him out into the light of the sun, wouldn't he be distressed and annoyed at being so dragged?
In Plato's “The Allegory of the Cave,” he suggests that there are two different forms of vision, a “mind's eye” and a “bodily eye.” The “bodily eye” is a metaphor for the senses. While inside the cave, the prisoners function only with this eye. The “mind's eye” is a higher level of thinking, and is mobilized only when the prisoner is
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